Turtle Racing
Energy Drink
Thinking about the game's economy, we need to make some adjustments to balance the Turtles' income in the long run. From now on, they will need to be nourished with Energy Drink from time to time to run the races. For calculation purposes, let 1 day equal 1 year.
After the turtle turns 20, it will start to suffer from fatigue and will need to take the Energy Drink to recharge its energy to 100%.
Energy costs will be according to the age of the turtle.
  • Until the age of 20, turtles will not suffer from fatigue.
  • From 20 to 30 years old, 10% of energy per race will be discounted.
  • Over 30 years will be discounted 25% of energy per race.
When the turtle's energy is zero, the player will need to click the Recovery button to be able to run again.
The Energy Drink will cost 5 TURT for the adult TURTLE and 1 TURT for the juvenile.
Used tokens will remain within the reward pool. We hope that these small changes will make our economy more sustainable and lasting!
Last modified 5mo ago
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