Turtle Racing
Young Turtle
Thinking about attracting new beginners players in the NFT world afraid to invest, we launched the Young Turtle. This new Turtle will be a younger version of a common one.
Cost: 85 TURT's
About realms:
Just like a common turtle, the young will belong to the Water, Grass and Fire realms and its advantages and chances of victory will be like the common ones.
About the rarity:
They will have no rarities (Rare and Legendary) and will only be differentiated by the realms they belong to (Water, Grass and Fire).
About the rewards:
Its rewards will be about 20% of a common turtle, it will use the same rewards table, but the multiplier per position will be as follows:
About merger:
When you have 05 young turtles in your collection, you will be able to merge these 05 young turtles and get 1 egg from an adult turtle. The rates of rarities are the same as for a common egg, only in promotional campaigns these rates are changed and will be notified in the communication channels.
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