Turtle Racing
PVE game prizes will be based on the following format:
As the reward base will be realized by the turtle algorithm, this algorithm is fully automated and sustainable, based on a dynamic distribution of incentives over time, where the market will dictate the rules of ROI and token pricing.
This reward will be calculated through the age of the turtles, your daily gain will be affected according to their age, as shown in the table below:
<= 15 YEARS
> 15 YEARS <= 30 YEARS
4.50 $TURT
> 30 YEARS
4.05 $TURT
An example, assuming the turtle you got from the purchased egg is a common and adult rarity, considering an average multiplier of 1.3x (Estimated Win Probability and Placement) and the base value of 5.00 $TURT in the first 15 days and 4.50 $TURT in the next 15 days, will have an approximate average reward of 6,175 $TURT per race, being able to run up to twice a day, the approximate estimated earnings of a common turtle would be 12.35 $TURT per day, young turtles can consider earnings divided by 5, so that would be an estimated gain of 2.47 $TURT per day, that is, the higher the coin value is, the higher the return you will get.
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